"Blackboard 3" Calculator

Comments and saving formulas

A comment is any text following the first ";" (semicolon) to the end of the line. Usually comments explain what exactly is calculated. For instance:

; -----------------------------------------
S = 1000 ; credit sum
I = 16:100 ; interest rate on the loan for the year
i = I:12 ; interest rate on the loan per month
n = 12 ; number of months for which credit is divided
; -----------------------------------------
A = S*i*(1+i)^n:[(1+i)^n-1] ; amount of monthly payment
P = A*12-S ; credit cost

This listing uses two types of comments: comments that occupy the entire line, and comments that follow the formula. There are three comments of the first type (two of them  to improve readability) and six are of the second. After calculations, comments and formulas do not disappear.

In order not to type frequently used formulas each time, they can be saved to a file using the "Save" menu item in the "File" menu or the keyboard combination Ctrl+S. You can return to these formulas using the "Open" item of the same menu or the keyboard combination Ctrl+O.

Tip. Calculation results are automatically deleted before saving, so this does not need to be done manually.