"Blackboard 3" Calculator


With simple use, the "Blackboard" calculator is a worthy alternative to the Windows calculator in both normal and scientific modes. Why this is so, you can learn from the next three sections of this guide, or by trying the calculator in work.

Control structures are cycles and branch operators by which algorithms of numerical solution of most problems of computational mathematics are built. The implementation of the control structures in the "Blackboard" calculator is described in the following 7 pages. It is close to that adopted in other programming environments, so that users familiar with any programming language only have to pay attention to the items "Once keyword", " Graphic display of results", "Continue and break keywords" and "Application debugging".

For beginners, examples of the simplest algorithms of numerical solution of algebraic equations, ordinary differential equations and approximate calculation of certain integrals are given.

All of the examples shown, highlighted in black background, can be copied to the calculator window using the Windows clipboard and see how they work.